Course Participation COURSE PARTICIPATION IS CRITICAL! Each student should read and think seriously about all assigned materials before class, ask and answer questions in class, take an active, constructive role in creating a classroom environment that encourages everyone’s contribution, and connect the course material to his or her life experience There are few “right" answers in this course. There are “right” approaches to arriving at answers: identifying the important issues, understanding the legal principles relevant to those issues, and applying legal reasoning to the facts and principles. Students have a myriad of avenues to engage with, and express their questions about and understanding of the material.    

 Materials:5 subject notebook                                                   PlannerBlue/Black Ink Pen Only                                          Highlighter (2)Flash Drive (Suggested)                                   3x5 Notecards 

As does a contract that is entered into willingly by both parties, this course carries with it obligations for both students and the instructor.  As a student you are expected to: Be on time, in your seat when the bell rings, and prepared for every class. Be engaged in class activities and discussions.Be concerned and committed to your own success in the class.Be respectful of others in the class and value their partnership in the classroom.Remember all school rules apply and will be enforced. As your Instructor I am expected to: Be on time and prepared for every class.Be engaged in class activities and discussions.


Be approachable and available to you.Be respectful to all students in class.


 Absence/Tardy Policy:
The First Colonial policy for absences and tardiness will be the standard for the course. During a 9 week period:1st tardy – Warning (phone call home)2nd tardy – Detention3 tardy – Referral to Academy Coordinator  

Dress Code:As you may come to know I am  very particular about the way students are dressed for school. Please be advised that I expect you to be dressed appropriately at all times. If you are in violation of the school dress code, you will report to the clinic for a change of clothes and call home.  

Cell Phone/Portable Communication DeviceHigh school students are permitted to possess, display, or use cell phones before or after the instructional day. The instructional day is defined as the moment the student enters the school building to the final dismissal bell. Please keep in mind, the instructional day includes but is not limited to, study halls, lunch break, class changes, and any other structured or non-structured instructional activity that occurs during the normal school day (School Board Regulation 5-36.8). \Should a high school student activate, display, or use a cell phone or any portable communication device during the instructional day, in accordance the school division’s Discipline Guidelines. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for potential disciplinary consequences.   

Grading Policies: All parents are encouraged to use VBCPS’s Parent Portal to check grades and attendance. Attendance will be updated daily and grades will be entered into Pinnacle in a timely manner. Some assignments will be entered more quickly than others depending on the extended time it may take to assess some assignments. 

Your grades will be calculated as follows:Unit Assessments/Performance Tasks

40%Classwork                                                                             30%Quizzes                                                                                  

20%Independent Study                                                                  10%  ·        

DO NOT e-mail assignments unless specifically instructed to do so. ·         You will turn in all work to “THE BOX” at the beginning of class. When the bell rings, the box will close. Any assignment turned in after the lid has been placed on the box will result in a 5 point late penalty. ·         You will not be able to print anything, in the classroom, prior to the beginning of class.

  • You have FOUR (4) days to turn in late work. You will lose 10 points per day – up to four days. After the fourth day, I will record a “0” in the gradebook for the assignment.
 Please remember that your work is a direct reflection of you, and as such I expect you to take pride in completing all tasks given to you throughout the semester. Sloppiness, lack of effort, and last minute attempts are not true demonstrations of quality products. Remember – I am only able to assess (grade) what you give me, not what I know you are capable of. Make-Up Work (FOR EXCUSED ABSENCES ONLY):  
  • Students may make-up work for excused absences only.  Please attach a note from home when turning in late assignments.
  • It is your responsibility to check for make-up work the day your return to class. Assignments are given with advanced notice. Unless otherwise stated, missed work is due the day you return to class.
  • Any assessment, quiz, test, assignment not made up by the end of the nine weeks will result in a grade of zero.
  • Arriving late or leaving early from school does not exempt you from deadlines.
    Written Assignments: 
  • All written work must be typed and double-spaced with 1” margins and a standard 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • Use of MLA format is required for all Academic Research Papers.
  • Final papers must be turned in with all brainstorming, outline, rough draft, peer edit, and revisions – I will not accept papers without all components


  • Academic Dishonesty –
 Please refer to your planner in order to read over First Colonial’s rules and regulations for cheating, plagiarism, and misrepresentation. Any violation of these rules will result in a zero for the assignment and a referral to the Academy Coordinator. Group Work/Collaboration During the semester you will be required to work in groups. My expectation is that all group members maintain courtesy and respect for others, share responsibility equally, and maintain a positive working environment. All group members will receive an individual grade based on the collaborative process.   

Class Participation:

Participation is your mental presence in class, and is comprised of being engaged in class discussions, being respectful audience members for your classmates, participating in group activities, and having completed all assigned readings and homework in preparation for class.   Instructor Schedule:
1Study Block (2/4) Rm 901Intro to Law Rm 814
2Intro to Law Rm 814Planning
3Intro to Law Rm 814Intro to Law Rm 814
4PlanningWorld History II Rm 910